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Originally posted on bigbuchobruh: Denver Street Art 2016 Here is a great snap of the 40 ft. Wall painting ?Chin Up? by Denver based artist SURJ, part of the ?Duct work? project below I-70. The mural is meant to signify battle tested spirit of the community that surrounds the area. With the bold, striking colors,… via […]

via “Chin Up” – from Surj 2016 — Muchacho Media — Big Bucho Blog

Yoda 1981

Title Yoda 1981 Artist Surj LA Medium Mixed Media – Acrylic On Canvas Description Yoda (Fishing 1981) – This is Yoda channelled through my vision of Basquiat. The color pallet remains intact. We have all the nuances, and CROWNS! War paint and colors abound. . . .and the exclamatory COPYRIGHT symbol. Throw in the fun…

Source: surjartwork.com

Sexy Beast | SURJ LA | ART


Source: surjartwork.com

Title:  Sexy Beast    Description:  A “POP ART” version of the Madmen Advertisement (How apropos.) Multi-Color spray paint on canvas. The back drop is the beautiful Damien Hirst dots. In the foreground, we see our anti-hero, albeit the protagonist of the hit show. . . . what is it exactly that he is transfixed by? Thoughts? Imagination? “I’m not here to talk to you about Jesus. . . ” – Don Draper