Sexy Beast | SURJ LA | ART



Title:  Sexy Beast    Description:  A “POP ART” version of the Madmen Advertisement (How apropos.) Multi-Color spray paint on canvas. The back drop is the beautiful Damien Hirst dots. In the foreground, we see our anti-hero, albeit the protagonist of the hit show. . . . what is it exactly that he is transfixed by? Thoughts? Imagination? “I’m not here to talk to you about Jesus. . . ” – Don Draper

Samo Vader | SURJ LA | ART

Title Samo Vader Artist Surj LA Medium Mixed Media – Acrylic On Canvas Description A high octane riff on Basquiat’s famous “Skull.” The colors define the piece, and hence, the colors are the main intention of this piece. It has a familiar feel, but is an entirely new vision on a wildly familiar and famous…


#starwars #Darthvader #Basquiat #art #popart

B R O N S O N T Shirt | SURJ LA | ART

Los Angeles – Art, Pop Art, Street Art (by Surj LA)


This is the second piece is the Bronson series. A very abstract backdrop w/ some colorful stencil work. Bronson is multi layered stencil (Extremely & Intentionally clean) coupled with some added pattern texture. If you like Bronson, Tom Hardy, Film, or fine art. . . hopefully you’ll enjoy this piece!