Great Photography from Denver Colorado

We like to showcase talent here at The4519 from time to time and we found a dude out of Denver, Colorado that has a passion for it.  As we were reading about the Super Bowl we came across some ridiculous pics of the Broncos taken by Andrew.  Wow…they are tight!   Please take a look at Andrew Solano and his website if you get a chance! Holla!

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Photo from Andrew Solano

andrew solano, denver photographer, solano photography

My name is Andrew Solano, I’m a Denver native with an immense passion for photography. I have only been shooting for a couple of years but there isn’t anything that I enjoy more than having a camera in my hand! I spend countless hours reading up on the latest things in the photography world, and spend even more time practicing and experimenting with my camera. I just want to learn and do it all in photography and hope that you can see my passion for the art in my photos.

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