The Bible of Body Building



I look around these days and see all these 24 Hour Fitness, Bikram yoga, Crossfit, LA Boxing and kettle bell gyms and think, “what the hell happened to the days of Arnold, Joe Weider, Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno and my personal favorite, Franco Columbo ( World’s Strongest Men, renowned bodybuilder Franco Columbu would bench press 520 pounds, dead lift 750, and squat 655. He bent a bar across his face in one contest, carried a refrigerator on his back in another, power-lifted a car, and blew into a hot water bottle ’til it exploded like a party balloon, spraying water all over the audience), and the rest of the badasses from the old days of muscle!?


Jesus, when they reigned supreme you would never hear of men training with women, not that there’s anything wrong with that (to steal a line from “Seinfeld”).    Anyway, as I was looking at some recent Facebook post by fitness people who obviously hate fatties, I was harking back to the day when I would have to search for information on weight training and getting buff.  


My fondest recollection of those old day:  The Bible of Bodybuilding known as the “Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding”.  

This book had everything you needed to know about all aspects of bodybuilding. It started with basic training techniques for the nerd and ends with posing for bodybuilding competitions.  But the best part was all the pics of pumped up ‘roid rage.  i didn’t care about the actual notes in the book.  I cared about the variety of lifts and how big can a muthafucka get, excuse my language.  Those of us around in the late ’70’s and ’80’s, you know what I am talking about.  The internet was nonexistent at the time.  We actually had to down amino acid pills and buy muscle mags/books at the nearest B.Dalton Bookseller!  We didn’t have GNC’s or Vitamin Cottage or whatever other store is peddling whey protein.  We had egg whites and steaks and Ultimate Orange!  Jesus, I miss those days.  The Venice Beach days!  Those were the shit!  Not that there is anything wrong with the new gyms.


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