Hourglass traffic lights?

Would an Hourglass Traffic Light Work Better?

Mark Frauenfelder found this interesting new traffic light design by Thanva Tivawong. LED lights trickle down like sand in a virtual hourglass, letting you know when the light will change. I actually find this to be pretty confusing the more I look at it—a simple numerical countdown or a design like Damjan Stankovic’s might be clearer—but Tivawong’s proposal does make you think about the opportunities for improving traffic lights.

It seems that a traffic light like above would be just what all the street racers would love to have…with the popularity of Japanese import car customization and the street racing, or “drag wars”, the opportunity seems ripe.  As they say in “The Fast and The Furious” movies, RIDE OR DIE!


Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/racer-x-this-story-inspired-fast-and-furious-2013-5#ixzz2oguLhDkV

Original link here

the4519, can you dig it

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