File this under WTF?!?!?

American ingenuity in the 1920’s!!! – In crowded cities like New York, baby cages were used to ensure that children got enough sunlight and fresh air when living in an apartment building.  The picture below is from London in 1937.


The idea behind the cages was patented in America in 1922 as a means to help parents living in cities who didn’t have much space.
(Pic below is from 1920’s)

The benefits were said to be fresh air for the child, room to play with toys and another place for children to sleep.
(pic below is from Chelsea, 1937)

The patent was filed in 1922 by Emma Read, from Washington, and was granted the following year.

The cages in the patent were also designed with a slanted, overlapping roof which was said to protect babies from snow or rain.

And they say kids have it tough today…..riiiiiiiiiiight!
the4519, can you dig it

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